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Ever Insane's Paint Stripping

By Assistant Doc Haywire

All the talk about paint removers is starting to make me wonder. I have heard some being tried and never believed them, I have also heard of some and tried them and got no results whatsoever.

I had a bunch a Necromunda Goliaths and some other minis that need to be stripped but I do not need all of them so I am not afraid of losing a few as sacrifices. I plan to do some testing over a weekend and will post the results over a 24 hour period.


Lizardmen Skinks, Lizardmen Saurus, Orlocks, and Goliath volunteers dared to be volunteers for this experiment in hopes of a fresh start at life and renewed vigor. All volunteers had their weapons checked at the door and were tested for their specific skin afflictions (Citadel, Polly S, Testors).


In a specially ventilated room, their were placed several foil containers, each containing a specific chemical bath

For each test bath, 2 Lizardmen Skinks, 2 Lizardmen Saurus, an Oarlock, and a Goliath volunteers were placed in a chemical bath. At each time interval, a volunteer was removed from each bath and sent to the scrubbing facility. Each individual was then told to take a shower and be scrubbed down with a Oral B electric toothbrush.


Here is the list of chemical baths and the results I have seen:

Chemical Product Price 30 Min 1 Hr 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 6 Hrs1 12 Hrs 24 Hrs Damage to Plastic Main Ingredients
Easy-Off oven cleaner (Sprayed) $3.50/16oz bottle VG A A --- --- --- --- none sodium hydroxide
Easy-Off oven cleaner (Soaked)2   P F F P E --- --- aluminum foil and E-O do not mix... sodium hydroxide
Simply Green (Sprayed) $3.99/24oz bottle F F G --- --- --- --- none 2-butoxethanol (undiluted)
Simply Green (Soaked)   G G-VG G-VG VG-E SP?? E E none 2-butoxethanol (undiluted)
409 (Sprayed) $2.50/22 oz bottle NP NP NP --- --- --- --- none isopropanol, 2-butoxethanol
409 (Soaked)   NP NP NP NP NP NP P none isopropanol, 2-butoxethanol
Pine Sol/Pine Oils $1.99/28 oz bottle VG G-VG VG VG E no data melted started to melt after 12 hours pine oil
Brake fluid (linseed oil) $ G G E G VG E E none polyalkylene glycol ethers
Isopropyl alcohol $.99/16 oz bottle NP P P F NP NP NP none alcohol
Castrol Super Clean $6.99/gallon VG VG E VG-E E VG VG aluminum foil and CSC do not mix 2-butoxethanol, sodium metasilicate, sodium hydroxide
Efferdent $ NP NP NP NP NP NP NP none H2O
Water (Control) FREE NP NP NP NP NP SP SP none H20 hydrogen dioxide


1. The 6 hour test was a test of paints other than Acrylics, mainly Testors Model Master and Pollys S Paints.

2. This was diluted with 8 Oz water which is why there are discrepancies. I will have to retest this after I find a better container.

(sprayed) - Item was sprayed with a covering of chemical

A - awesome... washed off or needed very little brushing

E - excellent... needs brushing but all comes off

VG - very good... needs a lot of brushing/scraping

G - good... good amounts coming off

F - fair... shows signs/splotches of paint removal

P - progress... shows signs of paint removing

NP - no progress


The Big winner is definitely the Easy-Off oven cleaner with CSC and Simply Green following in for second and third place. The Sodium Hydroxide must be the main ingredient that causes this to work so well.

Many Goliaths and Orlocks drowned in the chemical baths (they never learned to swim), and some had strange color changes as their skin mixed with the chemicals.

The test group for the Pine Sol complained about a strange burning sensations. One Saurus, the only fatality among their ilk, was so deformed by the chemical, decided it was better to hide among the scavenged wastes or try to find a job ringing bells in a cathedral church somewhere... maybe even write opera... alas, he felt suicide was best.

Otherwise all the other Skinks and Saurus liked the baths quite well and would like another go at it. They believe it added in their skin shedding and got most of the little bits off. Also the scrubbing was very relaxing.

Others I have heard but will need to find or have not tested:


nail polish remover (non-acetone)

Chameleon model paint stripper from Custom Hobbyist, Inc

Coca-Cola (canned)

Lighter Fluid

Floquil/Polly S Dio-Sol

Methylene Chloride

Poxy Scum

Dettol, the pharmaceutical cleaner

Bix Paint Stripper

If you know of, or have tried others with some success, email me and I will give it a try and post the comparative results.