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Painting Chaos Night Lords

By Assistant Doc Opticon

Well, as you may well imagine, I'm playing with night lords this month, so I decided I'd put one up here to show you all how I do them. One of the things that drew me to the chapter was the fact that apparently they hate just about everything. This being the case, I wanted seriously pissed off looking veterans/marines with Bolt pistols/close combat weapons. So, I decided to make some out of Khorne Berzerkers, and a mix of metal marines in the squads, so that at least some had horns/hair/whatever. A little filing and gluing later, we come to (drum roll)

Step 1 - Priming - Black primer, nothing to hard here. I've been using Wal-Mart brand Colorworks paint, sells for $1.76 a can, and last longer, and doesn't fuzz like GW's did.

Step 2 - Main colors - I used Storm Blue for the main color, although GW recommends Midnight Blue (which is actually purple from what my eyes can see) Again, pretty straightforward here.

Step 3 - Trim and Lightning undercoat - I used Brazen Brass for my metal trim, so that they would be a little less bright then the shiny style night lords GW has in the studio army (which kick ass, just not my style) Then, I thought about where I wanted Lightning bolts (the trademark of the Night Lords) and drew them in Enchanted Blue (ultramarine blue is almost the same) I tried not to overdo it, but still have a good amount there for effect. One place I really like to put them is the shoulder pad that will have a decal on it ( I think it looks great under the logo)

Step 4 - Main colors, and finishing the lightning - During this step, I went over the middle of all the lines of Enchanted Blue with Skull White, to complete my lightning effect. I did the Hoses and eyes in Blood red, and the hair in Purple (any ribbed hoses I like to do in Dark angels green, then highlight with Snot green, but this mini had none, so you don't see that here) I undercoated all the skulls, and the gloves, in Dark Flesh, my brown of choice. Then all the gun barrel and chainsword teeth type parts were done in Chainmail (since I'm out of Boltgun Metal) You cant see in this picture, but underneath the chainsword is a chain that goes underneath the knee, which I also did in chainmail.

Step 5 - Final Detailing and Highlighting - I now went back and touched all my lightning bolts up, so that they weren't too thick in some parts I highlighted the gloves in Snakebite Leather, and the purple with Warlock Purple. The skulls I then did in bleach bone, lightly, so that brown still shown in the crevices. Then, I did one pair of hoses in green on the backpack, and proceeded to highlight the entire model. The blue I highlighted with enchanted blue, and the black areas I highlighted in Shadow Grey. I applied a single tiny white dot in each lens of the helmet, for a reflective glare effect, and did some final brass trim on the gloves, and rivets all over the body.

Step 6 - Basing and Decaling - I based the model with Dark flesh and sand, as I usually do, and applied a waterslide transfer to the left shoulder pad. To do the transfers, which are slightly bent, I cut a line from the top of the skull, straight up through the tips of the wings, so that the decal kind of folds over itself, instead of giving a large spot where it isn't stuck onto the shoulder pad. then I coat it with matte varnish as soon as it's dry, so that it doesn't rub off. Anyways, here is the end of it.