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Coat d'arms Paints

4/31/04 - For many years Coat d'arms was my favorite paint, even preferring them over my Vallejos. As was originally stated in this review these paints are great, as are the bottles. However about a year ago I cleared my painting desk of Coat d'arms paints and switched almost exclusively to Vallejo. The reason for this is consistency. Coat d'arms paint can vary greatly from one batch of paint to the next. It is possible to have a very nice bottle of Goblin Green, then buy another bottle six months later and it may be thinner or thicker, have less pigment, or be a slightly different color. Apparently HMG measures paint ingredients by eye rather than with exact measurements! This would not be a major concern if you are painting single models, but can cause great headaches if you are building a huge army off of their paints. After the fourth time this happened with four different colors, I deemed it wise to switch paint brands.

Conclusion: the quality of the paint is great, but the consistency of one batch of paint to another is terrible. 

For those of you how may not be aware, Games Workshop had an outside company producing their line of Citadel paints until early 1997 with GW decided to start making their paints themselves. That was a sad day for many painters out there. The change was hardly an improvement. For those of you who liked the "old" Citadel paints, rejoice! They are back.

The company HMG Paints Ltd that use to make paints for Citadel have finally released, or re-released I guess you can say, the same line of paints that were once made for Games Workshop. These are the exact same paints, in the exact same bottles, and at the exact same price. The only difference is some of the names of the paints have been changed. Currently over 100 colors from the old range are available. 

At the time that these paints were originally available I was using Ral Partha paints and never tried this line of paints. It was not until they were gone I heard how wonderful they really were. Even talking to historical and military modelers told me how much they liked the Citadel paints, especially the metallics. These guys tend to be the top of the heap in miniature painting and it surprised me that they were praising a "gamer's" paint. 

With the release of the Coat d'arms line of paints I finally got to try these paints out and I must say that I'm indeed impressed. The colors are bright and are very opaque. The metallics are very finely ground. The good stuff is on the bottom of the bottle so you need to scoop it out instead of shaking the bottle. The metallics were what I heard the most talk about, and the talk is true; they are very nice. Coat d'arms paints have found a permanent place on my desk.

Click here for a list a conversion list from the old Citadel names to the new Coat d'arms names