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Paintier Paint Organizer

Got a ton of paint? Tired of digging through that converted shoebox to find the right color? Have no fear, Paintier is here! While every other company has been making paints and brushes for miniature painting, Vatican Enterprises came up with something to hold all of those paints and painting tools. Introducing the Paintier line of paint organizers. The Paintier comes in four different models depending on how many shelves, and in the case of the Paintier 80 plus, the amount of space between each shelf. This review looks specifically that the Paintier 80.

Upon opening the box my first thought was Vatican Enterprises took a craft paint rack you could get in any craft store and was trying to market them to gamers. Not so! These are not rehashed craft racks, but designed and made by Vatican themselves. Each shelf is made of thick plastic with plastic tubing separate each shelf. A long bolt coming from the bottom along with the nut/handle at the top holds it all together. The whole thing is mounted to a "lazy-susan" turntable, so the Painter can spin with an easy turn of the handle. The quality of the materials is high and it's well built. I can't imagine of any reasonable use that would cause any of the components to break.

desk1.JPG (171950 bytes) The standard "before and after" shots. The Paintier does make for a cleaner workspace. paintier2.JPG (146102 bytes)

Each shelf has a sunken ring with several circular "egg tray in the refrigerator looking" cutouts that hold one typical 1 ounce or smaller size bottle of paint. Each shelf holds 20, 1ounce bottles. So, the four shelves of the Paintier 80 holds 80 paints, hence the name Paintier 80. Clever, huh? Depending on the size and shape of the paint bottle the Paintier can hold even more. Using slim-shaped Vallejo paints each shelf holds 30 bottles, for a total of 120 paints. Sorry, no change in the name.

Now for the road test. I loaded up the Paintier 80 and took it for a spin, literally. I gave it several quick spins to see if I could get paint bottles flying out in every direction. No such luck. The Painter holds the bottles securely even when picked up and carried around. It makes for easy clean-up and storage of your paints.

A quick spin of the Painter and you can see every single bottle of paint. I know that does not sound monumental, but considering the time usually spent rummaging around my shoe box looking for the right color, being able to see the color right in front of my eyes is a real time saver. Using the Painter also means I no longer need to store paint upside down to see their color, which gets paint into the threads of the bottle. With the Paintier you can organize paints according to color and even write labels on the rack to speed up search time.

Each Painter rack comes with several holds drilled into the top rack to hold paintbrushes. I did not find these useful on the Painter 80 since it put the brushes up too high and out of my normal range of movement. However the brush holders should work better on the smaller racks such as the Paintier 20. At least they make a convenient place to put your brushes if you must constantly move your work area.

The Painter is a great series of paint organizers. They make finding the right color much easier without having to store the bottles upside down. The quality of the components will make it last forever. The ability to store 80 bottles (or 120 Vallejo bottles) should be enough space for almost anyone. I did discover you can use the raised inner ring to store additional paint, but they won't be held securely and they are slightly inconvenient to reach. Still, its there if you need to use it.

Short bottles of paint allow room to store additional paints on the inner ring. Just don't be surprised if you're constantly knocking over paints in the main ring. paintier3.JPG (103823 bytes)

Though the Paintier is a great paint rack when broken down to its basic function it holds paint, just like a plastic or cardboard box. I am aware that some out there are not willing to pay $20 to $40 for a paint rack when they can get a cardboard box for free, and it wouldn't matter if the Painter played music and a colorful fountain popped out the top, you still wouldn't be interested. If that is your attitude then the Paintier is not for you and nothing I can say will change your mind. There are those out there who see no reason to pay a bunch of money for something when there is a cheaper alternative that does the same job. Some don't want a pricey BMW when a cheap Ford Escort can get them where they need to go. The same theory works with the Paintier.

The Paintier is a good, well-built product, but is it right for you? If you're completely happy with your cardboard box of paints, then no. However if you are constantly searching for the right color of paint, donít have a lot of room in your painting area, or just want a spiffy-looking and stylish paint rack, then perhaps the Paintier belongs in your home. If I had to describe the Paintier in one word it would be this; convenience.

Get your Paintier from Vatican Enterprises.